Church History

On the corner of Moreland and Glenwood avenue, sits a Church named First Iconium Baptist Church. This church is locally and nationally known as the “Servant Church.” First Iconium has nearly 1500 members, six choirs, many ministries to serve the congregation and community, an internationally respected pastor, and an unwavering love of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

On February 12, 1984, three strong, God fearing leaders: Deacon James Gresham, Deacon Robert Jackson, and Deacon Eugene Surry, with just 35 members, started First Iconium Baptist Church. The first six months of gathering together were held in the Mail Handlers Union Hall in historic West-End. There is where the Lord blessed us with a young, dynamic pastor, the Rev. Timothy McDonald III.

On November 18, 1984, with the sacrifices and support of church leadership as well as guidance from Ebenezer Baptist Church, we marched into our first church home; the little church with the red doors at 1187 Gordon Street. At this location, membership continued to grow, auxiliaries were formed, new deacons were ordained, and giving tripled. Because of our growing membership, we purchased additional land surrounding the church to enlarge our facilities. But in November 1990, we were able to move to a 1000-seat sanctuary with an abundance of space.

We are now the church with a prophetic voice for social issues. We speak truth to power and declare the good news for the oppressed, the marginalized, and the dispossessed. This is only the beginning of the story for First Iconium Baptist Church. It is yet to be seen what and where God’s plan will lead us.